Pro Nuts (Protein Donuts, Duh!)

Ready for some deliciousness goodness? Our Protein Donuts come in a variety pack. They will switch every couple of weeks, so please check back, routinely!

Red Velvet 
Velvet flavored Protein Donut, drizzled with Protein White chocolate. 
Calories 216 / Protein 8g /Fat 9g / Carbohydrates 22g / Sugar 14g
Dried Blueberries, Blueberry flavored Protein Donuts topped with Protein White chocolate. 
Calories 278 / Protein 8g /Fat 12g / Carbohydrates 26g / Sugar 18g
 ChocoCoco Almond
Protein Vanilla flavored donut topped with Protein Chocolate. Sprinkled with Almonds and Dried Coconut
Calories 298 / Protein 9g /Fat 15g / Carbohydrates 27g / Sugar 18g
Donuts are made fresh twice a week and shipping will adhere to that schedule in order to ensure freshness.